How SEX advice and articles may be killing your relationship

If you have been in a grocery store, book store, or a mega superstore then you have undoubtedly seen the over-abundance of magazines, articles, and products which gives advice to performance and sexual practices between partners. And where some of these articles can add to a well-founded relationship, those which are new to a relationship may come to find that such articles and advice may be stifling. Here are a few ways in which sex advice and articles may be killing your relationship.

Articles and magazines tend to assume experience

Where it is true that the margin of adults in a relationship who have not experienced a sexual relationship is sadly dwindling, there are still a great many adults who have saved themselves for their current partner. As such, that person may not be experienced in love making or may not want to branch out into unexplored waters. Such articles which encourage new methodologies within the bedroom may cause a strain on the relationship. Those which put their expectations into the ideals set in such articles may find that their partner is uncomfortable with such advice. Additionally, partners which are inexperienced in love making may find that such advice belittles them. Think about it. Do you want to be the person that has to say “I don’t know anything about that” or “I have never done this or that”. Where it is true that there should be a level of transparency to a relationship, the experience of the person that you are in a relationship with should not become an issue. Yet, if you are basing the future of your relationship upon an article with focuses on experience sex partners, you may be creating an issue where none is needed.

Too much information may not be a good thing

There is something great about a couple exploring and revealing themselves to their partner. Yet, with the advice and articles available now days, little is left to the imagination. From video links and 3D models to excessive bluntness of topics which in former days would not be talked about openly but explored privately, the information presented may be too much for the novice couple. In a relationship, a level of mystery and curiosity is needed. Yes, being well informed and well educated is vital in today’s society. At the same time, if the relationship has one person that is well informed and another that is not as informed, it may create a dominant person in the relationship. This dominance may cause a rift between the two people as one may start to consider himself or herself as the leader in the relationship. Due to this, the relationship may become a competitive in nature instead of growing together. Such a relationship cannot hope to last. Should you go naively into a relationship? Of course not. However, each individual should determine what elements they need to have information upon and which elements whey want to explore and expound upon with their partners. Do not over educate yourself. Education is a good thing, but you should determine and draw the line as to what information you want to experience with your partner and what information you want presented to you (whether visually or in article form) though research, articles, and advice.

The wonderful aspect of imagination

If you really want to have a relationship that flourishes, add a bit of mystery and leave a bit for the imagination. This means that even though there may be the information out there to explore, you may want to refrain from it. You do not necessarily need to have a full graphic layout of where and how to lay with your partner to get the best results. Where you may be able to find an enhancement toy for your man or woman, would not a 3D card or romantic gesture be more meaningful? Keep a bit of modesty and mystery within the relationship. If you really want to see your relationship thrive try to substitute the major advice and articles available for:

  • Abstaining from Sex to build the anticipation
  • Talking about what you expect in a relationship instead of building goals separately
  • Making your partner imagine what you will look like nude instead of giving him or her the picture right of the bat

Imagination and anticipation are vital in a relationship. Yes, you can use articles and advice for your relationship, but do so responsibly. Take what matters to your life and use it, but do not build the expectations and set the bar unrealistically. No relationship is the same as someone else’s. Keep this in mind and build your relationship through experience, love, and respect for your partner and you will see it thrive.