Avoid Favoritism towards Your Own Children

It is considered to be a little difficult when we want to educating our children properly. As a parent, we need to notice not only our child physical development, but also the child psychology development. If you have more than one child, it means that you need to know that there perhaps any jealousy between your kids which may influence their psychology. Jealousy between your kids is something that needs to be avoided. You should not prolong this situation. You should find new strategy to get rid this jealousy from your kids. Here, Sari Wangi through their Mari Bicara website, tell you some tips to follow.

The website is certainly packed with many positive articles and tips to develop such amazing and harmonious family. One of the things discussed in here is about how to treat your kids fairly as proposed by psychological professor named Daniel Lagace-Seguin. The treatment will be different based on your kids’ age. If you have 3-6 years old children, you should give them explanation about your action which may dissimilar with their sibling. For instance, if you ask your kids to sleep early while your teenage kids can sleep freely without your command, you should give the kids explanation about why they need more time to sleep than their older sibling.

Moreover, if your kids are in the range of 7-9 years old, you should try to make them tell everything they feel while in contrary you should listen to them carefully once they tell you about it. Then, for teenager, it must be more complicated once we try to know everything about our teen kids. When your teen kids think that your action is not fair, you should try to ask them to sit together and discuss about it to find the solution. You should give them such freedom, but don’t forget to make sure that they can hold their responsibility.