5 Things That Truly Passionate People Do Differently To Maintain Their Relationship

Wondering what to do to keep your relationship alive after years together? The truth is that many people find themselves growing bored with their partner, and it can be hard to remember why you married/got together with that person in the first place.

If you want to keep that passion alive, here are some things you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO:

1.     Communicate

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and it’s the key to great sex as well! It can be hard to tell your partner what you want, need, feel, and like, but you’ll find that it’s the only way they can learn about you. This is important both in the bedroom and out. Open communication will help you to learn everything possible about your partner!

2.     Change Together

Change is inevitable, but in relationships it can be a hard saying. Your sexual desires will change over your years of relationship, and your partner will need to adapt to your wants and needs in order to continue pleasuring you effectively–and vice versa. If you are not making progress together–sexually, professionally, financially, and personally–you may find that your relationship begins to stagnate. You don’t need to change EVERYTHING about yourself at once, but you should always be working on something in order to keep moving forward together.

3.     Take on a Third Party

You may not be ready to be parents yet, but why not consider rescuing a dog or cat? You’ll find that sharing responsibility for a third party helps to bring you closer together, as you are both invested in the wellbeing of that pet–or child, if you’re ready. The more shared responsibility you have, the closer you will be drawn to each other.

4.     Spice it Up

Truly passionate people love to try new things in the bedroom, as well as in their daily lives. That means trying new activities, things you have never done before–rock climbing, skydiving, paddleboarding, eating new foods, and the list goes on. Spicing it up in the bedroom is also important, so look for ways to make your sex better–food play, sensual massages, vibrators or sex toys.

5.     Date Each Other

This is one of the hardest things to do, particularly for busy couples leading separate lives. If you have very little time, it’s tough to spend it all trying to “romance” the person you’ve been living with for years. But it’s necessary in order to keep that relationship alive. You should invest as much effort into that person as you did when you first started dating. It will help them to feel that you still care, and will reinforce the passion in your lives!

For women, sometimes it’s okay to try out weirder stuffs to keep the sex drive alive. Trying using a dildo now and then to pleasure yourself or ask your partner to use it on you before plunging into the actual sex. This might spice up things in the bedroom.

Follow these tips, and keep that love alive even after years–or decades–of being married! Relationships take work, so be prepared to put in the effort for the sake of love.